LTN Depot train size limit

Adds new train stops forming a highly configurable logistic network.

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LTN Depot train size limit

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First of all. I fount LTN and now the game is once more interesting but now its a bit more complicated. I haven't found any solution for my problem so maybe there is someone here who has more experience with this mod.

I'm building a base where resources are brought in with longer trains (2 locomotives and 4 wagons). In base there is smaller network with smaller trains (2 locomotives and 1 waggon). Problem is that trains wont understand depot size and is I make a rule to limit train size, nothing happens. Bigger trains still come to my local depot witch is meant for smaller trains.

Thanks for any help!


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Re: LTN Depot train size limit

Post by TheTom »

And what is the problem? You are aware depot names can be many?

Depots are chosen by name.

Just use different names for different lengths.


Cargo 4, Cargo 2 and Fluid 2. Trains return to a similar named depot.

Also helps keeping trains in "areas" (Depot-1, Depot-2 are on sides of the base).

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