[1.1.35] Desync on Modded Scenario

Desyncs in modded game will be ignored most of the time, until it is clearly proven that the desync is not caused by scripting.
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[1.1.35] Desync on Modded Scenario

Post by peacemaker83 »

Every player get desync after few minutes from start. Its the 2nd time i've run the map with the weaponbalancer mod so i think maybe the problem is in the scenario code. The desync occurs without doing anything special.

https://www.mediafire.com/file/kkwaa4le ... 7.zip/file

here is some code i added lately

function write_player_list()
local players = { }
for _, player in pairs(game.connected_players) do
table.insert(players, player.name)
local string = table.concat(players, "\n")
if string == nil or string == "" then string = "None" end

local Event = require 'utils.event'
Event.add(defines.events.on_player_joined_game, write_player_list)
Event.add(defines.events.on_player_left_game, write_player_list)

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