[1.0.0] Desync with dedicated Server + Mods (CircuitHUD)

Desyncs in modded game will be ignored most of the time, until it is clearly proven that the desync is not caused by scripting.
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[1.0.0] Desync with dedicated Server + Mods (CircuitHUD)

Post by lordfwahfnah »

Hello all,

i noticed some problems when playing together with my friend.
After adding some Mods, the game started to desync randomly. After a random amount of time, one or the other was disconnecting.

Right now with a savegame of ~12 hours, the game won't allow more than one player on the server. As soon as the second one connects, he imediately gets disconnected.

Since i'm running a dedicated linux server, i asked my friend to join the server first and connected afterwards. I get desynced without seeing the game itself. I get a popup window with the desync report. (It is added to the attachment)

What else has been tested:
- reduce the amount of mods (40 -> ~10) (doesn't help much. maybe only reduces the amount of desyncs).
- start new game with reduced mods (desync at login again)
- start local server and join via steam (also desync during login)

What was not tested:
- LAN play (physically not possible and too lazy to setup hamachi. Also i don't believe this changes anything)

Can someone help me here?
From the other Threads i noticed that two particular mods were fucking up the connection (Mining Drones and Endless Ressources), both of which were neither in the full mod list, nor in the reduced one.

What else can we do?
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Re: [1.0.0] Desync with dedicated Server + Mods

Post by boskid »

This is a CircuitHUD mod issue.

In control.lua it has 4 variables that are not save-loaded: did_initial_render, toggle_button, reposition_button and did_cleanup_and_discovery. Heavy mode on desynced save file was giving differences consistently until i moved all those variables to global and then the desyncs stopped.

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