[0.15.40] Dysync Issues

Desyncs in modded game will be ignored most of the time, until it is clearly proven that the desync is not caused by scripting.

We might do some changes of mod scripting for 0.15 that should reduce these problems overall.

[0.15.40] Dysync Issues

Postby Loading123 » Sat Dec 09, 2017 11:56 pm



Mod List

Mod Setting

desync reports are on http://sawchuk.horse

The Server is running on Ubuntu 17.10 x64 Ive never noticed any issues with CPU or memory while playing. We started a new save due to this bug just the other day and now after 3 hours it's back in this new save. The order of events is I join the server and after about 3-5 mins the server will say its saving a local version of the save for me then reload the servers save, this will loop until I get kicked for max desync.
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