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2x16 5GW up to 75% fuel saving Nuclear Reactor 1.120 MW - 4.960 MW range, 4 storage tanks only!

Posted: Sun May 16, 2021 8:10 am
by linktothepast83


It's power production scales between 1.120 MW - 4.960 MW or between 8 and 32 active reactors according to demand with 2 additional reactors being activated at each step. Maximum fuel saving possible is 75% while only 4 storage tanks are used for fuel saving (storage tanks are for steam measurement purposes only after all). You can just remove the arithmetic combinator if you don't want any fuel saving to occur.


32 Nuclear Reactors

1.202 Heat Pipes

496 Heat Exchangers

852 Steam Turbines

Compared to my previous reactor here:

this one makes extensive use of pumps to direct the fluids (water and steam) better in order to not have any orientation/order placement issues, you can place the blueprint in any orientation you want and it will work at it's full capacity no matter what (10 hours in every orientation working at it's full capacity is displayed in the video)! It is also quite cheaper to make, about 20.000 less iron plates and 3.000 less copper plates are needed mainly due to a more compact design and the use of less heat pipes.