The perfect OCD compliant nuclear power plant! --- Now v2.4!

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Re: The perfect OCD compliant nuclear power plant! --- Now v2.4!

Post by Aeternus » Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:52 am

Serenity wrote:
Aeternus wrote: Problem is I've not found a good way to stress-test that plant on full load...
What I really like with this design is that it isolates the pumps, control and inserters from the main power grid. With that it's easy to use the Creative Mode mod and hook up a power sink to the turbine side. But if you do that with a design that has all on one grid it sucks down all the power.

And yeah, I figure the pipes around the tank are the issue. For some reason it works fine with the 8 reactor version (tried it with creative mod and it runs constantly at full power), but not beyond
Yea, the isolation of the control grid is one of the things I'll definately pilfer. My own design can be easily adjusted for it, just need to move some substations around so the control grid drives all pumps as well. Might need a slightly larger solar plant though - a 20+GW plant with multiple pumps per row, plus the inserters for the fuel and waste, but minus the roboports.

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Re: The perfect OCD compliant nuclear power plant! --- Now v2.4!

Post by MeduSalem » Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:20 am

mrvn wrote:With the tanks after the turbines you can't use pumps though. That means they won't fill at full speed when nearly full or empty full speed when nearly empty. Means you have to power up the reactor a bit earlier.
True, but you only really need pumps between the Heat exchangers and steam turbines anyway to ensure to be able to reach 100% heat exchanger output.

The flow back from the tanks to the turbines can be slower because usually it only draws from the tanks when your power plant is idle... so it is unlikely it will push the throughput limits of the pipes on flowback.

Short Spikes in the power consumption (like from laser turrets) are easily covered by what is stored inside the Turbines anyway.

Also if you store a good deal of the heat in the reactors/heatpipes itself then even if the power consumption goes from 0 to a constant 100% then it will flow from both directions... the tanks and the heat exchangers, emptying the tanks eventually.

At least I have never had a problem with placing the tanks after the turbines.

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Re: The perfect OCD compliant nuclear power plant! --- Now v2.4!

Post by zOldBulldog » Wed May 16, 2018 9:20 pm

I just tried this powerplant. I think I missed something:

1) When I first built it, I had 750 construction bots swarm in from my base and build. Quite convenient but... most of them went to the two roboports by the steam tanks and overwhelmed the solar setup you use for that part of the base. To minimize impact before I upgraded from 2 to 4 reactors I had to add a bunch of roboports just outside of those two, taking care that the main power connection didn't connect to your protected power network. Still, my gut tells me that I did something that I should not have done. Am I right? Should I remove them now that they are done building?

2) This is a bigger problem. I thought the design allowed for growing from 2 to 4 to 6 and 8 reactors by simply laying the new/bigger blueprint on top of the original one. But when I did a 2 to 4 reactor expansion:
- When I tried to place it, it wouldn't. I had to do a shift-left click. It is not clear to me what didn't overlay.
- The 2 new reactors never powered up. Do I need to cycle the combinator from on to off to on again, to repeat the initial startup... or is doing so going to mess up my reactor? Or could it be that some of the logic is different between 2 and 4 reactor setups and it didn't overlay?

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