Smart Artillery Outpost

Clever and beautiful constructions, bigger than two chunks
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Clever and beautiful constructions, bigger than two chunks
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Smart Artillery Outpost

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Its smart artillery outpost with circuit network controlled train stations and backup power.
There is one dumb station for steam, its always open with train limit set to 0 and two smart requester stations for artillery shell (middle one) and general supplies (bottom one).
Artillery station has simple stored shells < threshold condition with threshold set on constant combinator.
General supply station opens whenever stored amount of any requested items drops below 50% of constants set in combinators.
Inserters unloading the train have filters set to items which there is less in storage than constant set in combinators, this way only needed items are taken from the train.
There are 2 combinators for general supply station because amount of requested items were too much for just one. I've set left one to consumable items like walls, repair packs, bots, and the right one to items which are only needed during construction. This way it is possible to only only general supply station with roboports manually and the rest will be automatically requested by train.

Outpost has 3 separate power systems, one for connecting with base, one with backup power, one with laser perimeter and train unloading.
Power outage is detected by checking P signal on the red circuit, whenever it drops to 0, outpost cuts it power connection to rest of the grid, connects perimeter with backup turbines.
There are also two speakers alerts
-one silent with warning message whole time when P=0
-single time global audible alert, connected to monostable circuit whenever P drops
There are multiple power switches connecting backup turbines and perimeter. Their goal is to temporarily connect part of the wall with steam turbines if aliens would destroy some power poles.

For those who want to build it:
1. it doesnt detects brownouts on its own, if you want to use backup power during brownout, you should have some brownout detector in the base which stops sending P during brownout.
2. In the blueprint book there are 3 blueprints, first one with minimal amount of stuff needed to request trains so it can build itself, second one with disabled ammo request so it doesn't agro aliens while unfinished, third one is fully functional blueprint.
3. It wont work Q signal present, monostable signal i used sets Q = P, drop is detected when P < Q, which equals to P a moment ago.
4. Backup power can provide only 279MW. if all lasers were firing at once with full laser speed upgrades, it might require over 940MW. When i was testing it I never encountered it to drain more than 200MW for few seconds.

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