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[17.59] Lazy Bastard Speedrun Megabase 5000 SPM RailWorld (200 hours)

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:36 pm
by BHakluyt
Hi All

Disclaimer: I've cheated.

Ever since I've reached the map limit and my computer's limit in Transport Tycoon I've wanted to build something like this. The problem was with previous versions of Factorio I reached unbearable UPS limits quite quickly, but the general gist of things was always to have a massive railway network to transport goods as needed between large factories. Each module in the end makes 5k of each science, I wanted to go for a 20k SPM base. Also, I usually liked to play together with the landscape, like this:
but had to forgo that in favor of saving UPS. So I ended with this base:
Lazy Bastard Megabase Map
As far as the speed run part is concerned, at the 100 hour mark most of my old 3k SPM base's blueprints were placed and built. I launched the rocket with the mall part around the 20 hour mark going extremely lazy and waiting for the bots to do everything once they were researched. Concerning the lazy bastard part, I did make it to about 130 hours without crafting, but my blueprints soon showed their inadequacies and moving 50 plus belts full of items was not fun. So, I played in creative mode, which sounds to me like the epitome of a lazy bastarad. Now I have reached a point where I feel proud of what's been built.
I also used a waterfil mod in order to reduce water pipes and UPS usage. My biggest bottleneck to pop up in a few hours might be blue circuits since 4.7k per minute doesn't seem to satisfy the monster. I've been playing at sub-30 UPS for weeks now so I am quite over it, around 8 the last few days. My PC broke so I have to do with the laptop.

You can find the savegame (181.41 MB) here to check it out and take a tour of the factory on the PAX train which should be waiting at the spawn point.

I run the following mods, but they are not needed for anything really. This game is done with the old science recipes prior to 17.60 however, so the science won't be made but you can see the place for yourself.
- Helicopters
-Robot Battery Research

Here are some more shots of the place:
I wish the game was more forgiving, UPS wise. Now I'm off to update the game and try a death world. I've missed those pesky biters...

Re: [17.59] Lazy Bastard Speedrun Megabase 5000 SPM RailWorld (200 hours)

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:58 am
by BHakluyt
If I had a dollar for every solar panel built... base use 35 GW abouts...
When you're too lazy to look up the cheats to remove an ore patch:
When you're still too lazy the next day to look up the cheats to remove an ore patch: