[0.17.34] vanilla 1K SPM Base

Clever and beautiful constructions, bigger than two chunks
- Defense: killing biters as an art
- Castles, Throne Rooms, Decorations (comfortable living in the Factorio World)
- Main Bus Concepts
- Modular Systems, Factory Streets, show how all works together
- Megabases
Please provide us with blueprints or saves, if that makes sense of course.
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Clever and beautiful constructions, bigger than two chunks
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[0.17.34] vanilla 1K SPM Base

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So I finally did it, my first base on [0.17.experimental] and it is actually 1050 (actual megabase) + 90 (intitial regular base) = over 1.1K SPM what I consider to be casual megabase. So at the beginning I thought that I read somewhere it has to be at least 10 rocket per minute to be actually a megabase, but I couldnt find it anywhere lately and realized it is kind of relative what is considered to be megabase :)
So I was initially inspired by the KoS Entry Level to Megabase series to actualy go for this goal, although I treated that series as a kind of extensive tutorial initially, but as I later realized you just want to grow the factory bigger :D So thanks goes to KoS for great tutorial series. Special thanks to author of this site https://kirkmcdonald.github.io/calc.htm ... Tscx0vxn8= which made all the calculations I would have been otherwise doing in Excel sheets. If you click the link it provides the calculation to make 1050 of all the sciences per minute. Also thanks to author of the science calculator https://codepen.io/Tickthokk/full/NBbKPZ/ which computes have many science labs are necessary to consume some amount of research packs. I did some computations in Excel anyways, but it is probably not really necessary with all the online calculators.

After I thought I was finally done with this map and made the screenshot of consumption 1K spm my production went down a I spent about 10 hours of gametime to finally improve the small things, mistakes and bottlenecks that were hindering the production, because whats the point of posting it, when you know it doesnt really work well, last time after screenshots a post below I realize I am missing four inserters outputting the engines, but this time I think it should be finally done. Also Im not redoing the screenshots again, you have to believe me ti works :D

So the base itself is made of 8 outposts the biggest be the iron outpost made of 400 electric smelters and science outpost where all the sciences and rocket parts are made and the science is processed as well. Almost all of it is bot based except the Steel outpost and handling the Rocket silos itself.
Map of the base
Two rockets launch
Production statistics
Merging of the bases
Science outpost

After getting all the game achievements I wanted (last being 20M Green Circuits completed in this map) and reaching my own "Megabase" achievement I am wondering whats next. Will I be playing the vanilla and try to let the factory grow to say 4-6K SPM or should I try Angels/Bobs mods. I would like to try Pyanodon's mods but as I understand they are harder than AB mods so you should give it a go to AB first and then go for Pyanodon's.

edit: added game version

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