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My semi-megabase (Right about at two chunks or so)

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 12:53 am
by Alien_Squasher
So I've been working on this for a while, (160ish hours) getting ready to launch the first rocket.

Granted I've been focusing on expandability as much as possible and I am new to the megabase shtick so.

I'm also in the process of stockpiling roboports, solar panels, accumulators, and bots to turn basically the whole factory pretty much beltless besides say transporting Iron gears 12 tiles to a Gun Turret assembly machine. I've found that this sucker chews through copper and iron faster than even a 6 lane (copper) and 8 lane (iron) belt can provide.

Beyond that I'm also working on completely automating the production of literally everything I will ever need, from centrifuges and reactors to stack inserters. My next idea is to after that take the Grey Goo idea and take it a step further using some mods create an AI that reads where ore is, density, etc. plans train stations, smelters, and everything, WITH PERFECT RATIOS. Besides that I also want to challenge myself and see if I can make it also label everything properly using stone brick and possibly install/create a mod that lets it place map markers.

Ultimate Lazy Bastard: You're so lazy that your factory literally just blueprints everything, organizes, and labels everything using the best possible optimization and so you're no longer needed, So Long and Thanks for all the fish! Seriously. Get out, you make messes "engineer".