1000spm ... in TradeRouteOverhaul

Clever and beautiful constructions, bigger than two chunks
- Defense: killing biters as an art
- Castles, Throne Rooms, Decorations (comfortable living in the Factorio World)
- Main Bus Concepts
- Modular Systems, Factory Streets, show how all works together
- Megabases
Please provide us with blueprints or saves, if that makes sense of course.
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Clever and beautiful constructions, bigger than two chunks
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1000spm ... in TradeRouteOverhaul

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TradeRouteOverhaul (based on Singistics, fix for 1.1) takes Factorio's vanilla items and mechanics and turns it into a totally different game. Instead of building factories to refine tiers of items, you set up trade routes to trade items one for another, looking for profitable trade loops. You can't mine or craft anything, you can't place assembly buildings or change their recipes, you only lay belts and trains and roboports. You launch a rocket by trading items across 6 "tiers" of items (one per science) to eventually obtain the items for rocket parts.

You start with a 5/s infinite supply of coal. The world is filled with "cities" of assembly buildings which each have a fixed recipe that you perform "trades" at, where you put in 10 of one item and get X of another, where X could be lower or higher than 10. Different cities have different trade rates for items, with 1 or 2 tiers per city. So say you have an assembler in one city that is 10 coal -> 8 iron, and another city trades 10 iron -> 15 coal, then you've got a self-sustaining loop; 100 coal converts to 80 iron which converts to 120 coal. Some assemblers are assemblers 2/3, and some cities have 1 or 2 beacons (with a range covering the entire city). Productivity modules are weakened, but they can be used in beacons.

Each science consumes the items of its tier to produce science packs. I made this script to help me find trade routes after red and green sciences (trades written on the map), and this is the collection of trade routes I ended up using (which outputs this) after fitting assemblers and beacons with modules. It calculate how much of each item I can siphon off per second while still keeping trade loop belts saturated, based on how fast each assembly machine runs (ex. if assemblers from the above example consumed 100 items per second, I could siphon off 20 coal per second and no iron, or 8 coal and 8 iron).
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I use 3 different rockets, one with 2 beacons (the only such rocket I could find on the map) and 2 with 1 beacon, together capable of producing 1040.9592spm with modules. A trade for one satellite requires ~1000 of each of the 6 pre-space sciences (906 for the recipe/trade that I found), and collectively with modules the silos need 902.0688 of each rocket part ingredient per minute to maintain 1000spm. I looked for good trades for sciences (marked on the map) so that I wouldn't need to siphon as much resources to get enough sciences for satellites. Trains are fueled by dedicated coal-siphon-producing trade routes near them.

You can download the map here. It's got some decommissioned trains and belts because I didn't feel like uprooting them.
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Re: 1000spm ... in TradeRouteOverhaul

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Nicely done, I am a big fan of this little mod, also good to see its been updated for 1.1 last time I looked it was out of date.

Making 1K base for this mod has been on my todo list for a while, but you beat me too it!!!!


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