4-way intersections: Throughput and deadlocks [image heavy]

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Re: 4-way intersections: Throughput and deadlocks [image heavy]

Post by Theikkru » Tue Jun 18, 2019 7:02 pm

As of 0.17.50 I've finished prodding kovarex about the bugs in the 0.17.38 update, so the new, improved behavior regarding trains repathing in chain signals should work properly now. This has widespread implications for rail system designs in general, makes a lot of intersections work more efficiently, and should upgrade a lot of deadlock ratings to A.
As case in point, I'd like to highlight ye olde roundabout, which is now immune to deadlocks from repathing:
olde.png (259.07 KiB) Viewed 754 times

Self-crashes will still occur if the roundabout is shorter than a train, but trains repathing within will now get out of the intersection instead of stopping in the middle to wait for a way out.

I think the testbenches may need some tweaking to account for this behavior though, since it relies on the presence of alternate paths to shunt trains out of chain blocks if they try to repath in them. In-game, station loops and other intersections/turnarounds would provide this function, but the testbenches only provide terminal entries and exits, so trains trying to repath will throw "No path" errors and sit down in the intersection if they can't find a valid route out of the chain block.

In other news, RIP curved track train phasing bug and associated maximum throughput intersections.

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Re: 4-way intersections: Throughput and deadlocks [image heavy]

Post by mrudat » Sat Jul 06, 2019 2:50 am

I ran Rail bridge interchange with no shared track (rail bridges mod) through throughput testing, and here's a summary of the results:
  1. Equal: 46 TPM
  2. Planned RHD: 48 TPM
  3. Planned LHD: 47 TPM
  4. Left Only: 66 TPM
  5. Right Only: 75 TPM
  6. U-Turn and Lane Switch: N/A
  7. 3 Way Equal: N/A
  8. : N/A
  9. Left Only Nuclear: 79 TPM
  10. Equal Nuclear: 55 TPM
I'm not certain that I got the setup right, given the tracks didn't quite line up. For best results, should I have as much straight track connected to the crossing, and correct misalignment closest to where the trains spawn?

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