fast train supply station

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Smart triggering, counters and sensors, useful circuitry, switching as an art :), computers.
Please provide if possible always a blueprint of your creation.
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fast train supply station

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Recently I watched Fooluaintblack's Channel series on train supply stations and i took it as a chalange to improve upon its last design.
link to the series: ... ObizXMXBPo.
The requirements are:
  • must be exact
  • you can change the items you want loaded into the train on a combinator
  • can remove garbage items/ if some item's amount is to high
  • can handle multiple wagons
For testing and building I used editor extensions however the combinator and train part can be done without. I also used the same items and amounts as Fooluaintblack used in his example blueprint.
Fooluaintblack's best design:
  • combinators: 17 decider combinators, 7+2l arithmetic combinator, and 3+l constant combinators where l is the number of wagons
  • height: 12 blocks
  • speed: 834 ticks
  • test setup blueprint:
My new design design:
  • combinators: 17+32l decider combinators, 7+25l arithmetic combinator, and 2+l constant combinators where l is the number of wagons
  • height: 26 blocks
  • speed: 777 ticks
  • test setup blueprint:
Conclusion: I managed to save of a second but added a ton of complexity.
If anyone is interested then I will try to explain how it works.
I also want to challenge you, the reader, to come up with a faster design.
ps: when you open the blueprint, send the train first to the other station.
ps: English isn't my native langue so sorry for grammar/spelling mistakes.

I managed to improve my new design even more
Currently my best design:
  • combinators: 16+37l decider combinators, 8+18l arithmetic combinator, and 4+l constant combinators where l is the number of wagons
  • height: 24 blocks
  • speed: 658 ticks
  • test setup blueprint:
sidenote: unloading with 11 stack inserters takes 610 ticks and thus is only 48 ticks faster

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