Accumulator charge display (current charge, last night charge, status)

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Accumulator charge display (current charge, last night charge, status)

Post by AlienRaven » Sat May 11, 2019 10:44 pm

Hey, guys.

Some time ago I started to build the accumulator display (viewtopic.php?f=18&t=66880) and after couple rounds of finetuning I think its finally done. Yeah, I know, another display, whats so special about it?
  • Does not use any timers, so does not require any adjustments in case you use any modifications that change day\night cycle.
  • Huge battery shaped visual display.
  • Three indicators to display: current charge level (inner multicolor display), last night minimum charge level (special colum within inner display) and current battery state (border color).
  • Current charge level is represented by colors: green is > 52%, yellow is <= 52%, red is <= 24%, blinking red bottom is 0% charge (if there are any other power sources to power lamps).
  • Current battery state is represented by colors: green is full charge, yellow is charging, blinking red is consuming charge.
  • After getting it to work I also compressed all combinators to look nice by the side of the display.
Important: The whole system requires at least 1 full day\night cycle to pass after building to initialize and work properly. This is due to last night charge level resets at the moment accumulators start to lose charge from being fully charged, which usually happens once per day\night cycle.
I know its probably not perfect, but I enjoy it very much :mrgreen:

Resulting blueprint, if anyone will be interested:

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