Wall repair/supply station with hysteresis for train call

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Wall repair/supply station with hysteresis for train call

Post by Serenity » Thu Mar 21, 2019 12:13 am

Getting to the point where I should probably place some roboports on walls and supply them by train I had the thought that I don't want the train to go whenever a single item is missing.
So I came up with a design that stocks the station as specified by a constant combinator, but then only calls a train when the supply of items has fallen below half

WallRepairStation.jpg (169.74 KiB) Viewed 556 times
One combinator does the usual *-1 to control the inserter. But the other does *-2 to control the train stop. The two combinators on the right just do +0 to isolate the signals from each other (there may be a better way to do this)

It also reads the network robot statics and inserts the specified amount of robots in the roboport (and then also puts that amount into the chest as backup)

The inserter stacksize is overwritten to 2 so that it loads the exact amount if it's a multiple of 2. It can be set the default 3 for faster unloading and slight overstocking in most situations

It hasn't been tested live, but seems to work when messing around with it manually :)

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