Multiplexer [Up to 36 Channels with unlimited Adresses]

This board is to show, discuss and archive useful combinator- and logic-creations.
Smart triggering, counters and sensors, useful circuitry, switching as an art :), computers.
Please provide if possible always a blueprint of your creation.
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Multiplexer [Up to 36 Channels with unlimited Adresses]

Post by HaosGames » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:33 pm


- Transmit multiple sets of signals over one wire
- It takes only 5 Ticks per Address to transmit one signal set
- Unlimited amount of addresses per Channel (to be precise it is actually limited to 2.147.483.647 Adresses per Channel which is the positive Range of a 32-bit signed Integer)
- 1 / 10 / 26 / 36 Channels

Before using

Before using the Multiplexer it is important to decide which wire the Multiplexer is going to use.
Red or Green.
This is because any signal from a different source than the Multiplexer on the wire will probably disrupt the logic of the Multiplexer.
This means that only the components from the Multiplexer are allowed to connect to the wire.
I included each component for each wire.
Main Clock:

The Main Clock is used to cycle through each address of each channel.
It must be placed only once in the circuit network the Multiplexer is using.
The value of each channel represents the number of addresses the Main Clock will cycle through.
These can be adjusted to whatever number of addresses you need for each individual channel
but the value must stay positive and be higher or equal to 1.
The channel signals themselves must stay the same.

If you add new Modules that contain Memory (Stations, Memory Modules) you have to flash the Memory.
Do that by turning on the constant combinator for Memory Flashing and turning it off again.

If the Main Clock doesn't work properly anymore you can reset it.
First turn of the Masterclock by turning of the constant combinator with the Masterclock Settings.
Then turn all channel constant combinators off and then on again.
At the end turn on the Masterclock again.
Main Clock 1-Channel
Main Clock 10-Channel
Main Clock 26-Channel
Main Clock 36-Channel


Stations are used to send and receive a signal set.
For each address in each channel there are two sets of signals the Multiplexer is going to exchange.
Station A sends a signal set to Station B and the other way around.

Station A is used to send the first signal set to Station B.
Station B will receive and store these signals and sends the second signal set to Station A.
Station A will receive and store the second set and will send the first signal set again.
But the signal set that can be send and received is limited depending on which signals the Main Clock is using.
The Black Color signal is used by every Main Clock.
In addition to that every signal used as channels can not be used.
You can put multiple Stations A/B on one address but keep in mind that the transfered data adds up.
Station A
Station B
Memory DeMux:

The Memory DeMux is used to decode and encode the data of every address of a chosen channel.
Memory DeMux A is processing the data that Station A of each address would process.
Memory DeMux B is processing the data that Station B of each address would process.
Memory Demux A
Memory Demux B
Memory Module:

The Memory Module is used to store the signal sets that the Memory DeMux decodes.
Memory Module 5-Address
Memory Module 10-Address
Memory Module 20-Address
Memory Module 50-Address
Memory Template:

Memory DeMux and Memory Module are intended to be used together.

The Memory DeMux will decode each address and transfered data of the given channel.
It will send the Input Address and Data to the Memory Module which will then store the data.
It will also send the Output Address to the Memory Module.
If the Output Address wire is connected the Data stored in the Memory Module will be send back.

Both have to be wired up correctly to work correctly.
The Memory Template is an example of that.
Memory Template A
Memory Template B

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Re: Multiplexer [Up to 36 Channels with unlimited Adresses]

Post by truepl » Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:39 pm

Good job. Could you indicate where is the input and output of the signal? It is difficult to figure it out.

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Re: Multiplexer [Up to 36 Channels with unlimited Adresses]

Post by HaosGames » Tue Mar 19, 2019 1:24 am

The signals you want to transmit can basically only be accessed through Stations A or B.

If you want to send a signal from Station A to Station B you have to connect your wire to
"Sending Data" on Station A and to
"Recieving Data" on Station B.
Connecting the Blueprints is of course done by connecting the substations with green/red wire. Depends on which Blueprint you chose.

Thats basically how it works.
If you want to work an all Signal sets of a channel you'll have to figure out the tick-timings of the Multiplexer and exctract them with the Demux.
In the future I want to revisit this Multiplexer, make it more customizable and put a Train Controller in the Blueprint Book that is build with it but this is gonna take a lot of time.

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