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[1.1] Quick Map Tag

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2020 1:09 am
by templar4522
I am betting I am not the only one not liking the change on map tagging in the new version.

The fancy new way of tagging the map has its advantages, and I am sure a portion of the players will love it. But to me and I am sure many others, the speed of adding a tag has way more value than accuracy. Not to mention, snapping can be done without so many extra steps in between, and it has been done before by mods like SchallMapTag.

So I made my own mod:

Currently you can customise your default text and icon for new tags, and the snap scale in the mod settings.

Unfortunately I can't find a way to trigger the vanilla edit tag behaviour through the mod, so I'll have to write my own edit dialog to mimic the previous versions.

So for now, the workflow is rightclick to add, leftclick to edit. (Unless you change the hotkeys, that is).

Also I can't find any info to toggle the map view filters, so be mindful of having the tag filter on, otherwise you might add tags inadvertently.

I initially wanted to add the edit dialog before publicising the mod, but I see it has already more than a thousand downloads without me doing anything, so I might as well post it here and on reddit.

Let me know your thoughts.

Re: [1.1] Quick Map Tag

Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2020 12:23 pm
by templar4522
I just updated the mod to version 0.3.0.

This version adds a dialog GUI to enter the tag data, so it allows pretty much the same behaviour of factorio 1.0, plus the auto-snap based on what you set in the mod settings.

If you have any issue with the mod, please let me know in the mod portal.