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[0.18+] "Old But Better" mods (graphics & sounds reversion)

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 11:34 pm
by atlas1205
Some people dislike the recent new graphic and sound changes came with 0.18, so I've started a project to (optionally) revert as many changes as I possibly can. Supports Bob's mods.

Old But Better Sounds

This mod was made mainly due to manual mining sound has become extremely high-pitched and painful to ears, as well as the "tame" assembling machine noise which feels out of place for an aggressive factory.

All sound reversions can be switched off and on if desired. Some sounds have a list of options to choose from (including sound effects I found elsewhere which might be fun to use).

Sound effects reverted to pre-0.18:
Base game - assembling machines, manual mining, inserters, & transport belts.
(optional) Bob - assembling machines, inserters, & transport belts.

Customizable sound effects:
[Base game & (optional) Bob]
- Laser turrets (0.18, pre-0.18, new type 1 to 4: low humming, high-power, laser drill, & eye laser )
-Train and wagon sounds (0.18, pre-0.18, steam engine), courtesy of

Old But Better Graphics (WIP):

The horrible beacon redesign makes you think wtf is wrong with Wube these days. This mod aims to revert some of the graphic redesigns.

Redesigns reverted:
- Beacon
- Electric Mining Drills (still problematic)

There are still several issues such as item icons not changing and the drills lack shadow. I will work on a fix soon, but the beacon should be functional now.