[MOD 0.17] Armored Train (Turret wagons)

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[MOD 0.17] Armored Train (Turret wagons)

Post by pandamiami » Sat Apr 13, 2019 7:38 am

(If you liked older version use 1.5.2 instead!)
Big changes:
1. Modular turret platforms/wagons: minigun, cannon, rocket!
2. Better visuals! And more coming!
3. More bug fixing! Report if any found please!


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Version numbering mess

Post by Pi-C » Thu May 09, 2019 3:32 pm

I've installed version 0.2.151 of this mod. I saw on the mod portal that you updated to 0.2.16 just some minutes ago. When I look for updated mods using the in-game mods manager, this update is not shown, although the new version is visible on the "Install" tab:
View of in-game mods manager
armored_train.png (1.18 MiB) Viewed 198 times
I guess what's happening here is this: If you want to update a mod, the mods manager is checking whether a version with a higher version number than the currently installed one is available. Now, if you compare the numbers, 151 is obviously greater than 16, so the mods manager does the right thing in not trying to "downgrade" to a lower version.

There are two ways out of this dilemma: You could rename the current version to 0.2.160 (which would make it seem like you didn't release the 8 versions between 0.2.151 and 0.2.160), or you could just bump this version to be 0.3 (0.3.0?) for a clean restart.

By the way, I just tried to change the version number in info.json of my local copy to "", "0.2.15-1", and "0.2.15a". In all cases, Factorio died with the message

Code: Select all

"Failed to load mod "Armored-train": Mod Armored-train version 0.2.15-1 not matching pattern "Major.Middle.Minor".
Version numbers apparently can't get more fine-grained like that, so in the future, please just add 1 to the Minor part for even the most insignificant changes, or add 1 to the Middle part for bigger ones.

P.S.: For now, I've manually downloaded the latest version from the mod portal and removed 0.2.151. However, now I see this in the in-game mod manager:
View of in-game mods manager after manually installing the latest version
armored_train_latest.png (1.01 MiB) Viewed 198 times
A good mod deserves a good changelog. Here's a tutorial (WIP) about Factorio's way too strict changelog syntax!

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