[MOD 0.17] Smart Waypoints - Conditional train schedules

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[MOD 0.17] Smart Waypoints - Conditional train schedules

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It's a little clunky in its current form, but this mod adds truly conditional orders to trains! Skip orders, make decisions based on current load, and more!
Smart Waypoints
Smart Waypoints is a mod that enables waypoints with special names to control trains that go by, skipping around their schedule.

This mod does not add any new items or technologies to the game, its functionality is available from the first train stop you build.

Note that this mod was written in an afternoon, and due to limitations within the game, is a little odd to use. It's intended mostly as a proof of concept, but if you get some use out of it, that's great. Honestly, it took me almost as long to write the readme. :)

## How To Use

Give a train stop a name like `/ACTION/SCRIPT`, and then add it to a train's schedule. For more, go look at the Readme on the GitHub page. Seriously, this mod is a little complicated.

Download at the mod portal, or search for it in game! (>= 0.17 required)

See the example map below to see how it works in action!
Example Map
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