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Re: [MOD 0.15] AAI Industry

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With 0.4.10 processed fuel is no longer accepted as fuel for at least the AI Warden and AI Hauler.

It still works as fuel for vanilla cars, AI car, trains, boilers and for the AAI Industry Burner turbine generator.

Reverting to 0.4.9 allowed processed fuel to be used in the AI Warden and AI Hauler again.

I double checked that the "Fuel processing" check was checked.

Hovering over Processed Fuel also shows:

Unknown key: "fuel-category-name.processed-chemical"

Also, one setting in mod startup settings for AAI Industry shows:

Unknown key: "mod-setting-name.aai-fuel-processor-efficiency"

The only other mods I have loaded are AAI Programmable Structures, AAI Programmable Vehiciles, AAI Signals, AAI Vehicles: Hauler, AAI Vehicles: Warden, AAI Zones (though I started with a bunch of other mods, including Space Exploration)
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