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Props for "Strong Support for Modding"

Posted: Wed Aug 18, 2021 4:31 pm
by gallomimia
I'd just like to take a moment and give some thanks for what they humbly call "strong support" for modding over there in the Factorio-Factory known as Wube Software.

Because they don't have strong support for modding, they have an atomic weapon known as RSeding91 who actively participates in online discussions with modders, helping them find answers to their questions about how mods work, finding bugs alongside them, explaining new features, as he works on very code they are interacting with, and when there's nothing pressing happening, those brief moments of reprieve between bugreport storms and release deadlines, he asks "what do you think should be added to the modding API next" of those same modders.

The mods available for this game are huge! There are so many, and some I've learned not to live without. They add many dimensions to the replayability of this already amazing game, with multiple-hundreds of hours per play thru, multiplayer building and automation game with optional pvp or pve combat. It is amazing.

You don't think this game is worth 30-34 dollars? Well whoop-de-doo for you. You're wrong. Some of the mods are worth that much alone. If you still don't think it's worth that much, go steal it. You will either play for 37 minutes before giving up in frustration because frankly you aren't smart enough to play this game. Or you'll realize after ten hours that first you need to go to the bathroom, and second, I was right, and you need to go scrape together all of your coins and all of your bottles and cans and go buy this game. Like I did, after playing thru the demo 3 times.