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Open Copy

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Hey nerds.

I'm wanting to give the devs some more money from this game that I play far too much and has significantly damaged my life while simultaneously making me much happier. I hope to ruin yet another life and to generally reduce the productivity of the human race, and I can't tip them money without actually buying a copy, so I may as well just buy a copy so more people can play. (Yeah, I already got a shirt.)

Preferably it goes to some kid that can't quite convince his or her parents to drop 30$/€ on it, or to a starving youtuber with at least meager view counts promoting Factorio on their channel that could give it away to commenters, or something along those lines.

PM me one or two sentences (and please not much more) about you or who you'd give it to. Don't send me your email address unless I respond to your PM. (I might be some kind of scammer, after all; always be in the habit to keep yourself safe and skeptical, kids!)

If you can't send PMs (because apparently new forum accounts cannot, like myself (I hope I can at least still respond)), you can send me an email at teslaspawn at gmail.

I'll check back sometime next week and respond to whomever it is, and will post here the username of who got it, unless they request that I do not.

No need for anyone to respond to this post.

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