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Factorio nominated for best EarlyAccess Game 2018

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 5:19 pm
by Glubschi1997
Hey my dear engineers.
GameStar, a german gaming magazine, started a pre-voting for best EarlyAccess Game some weeks ago.
Factorio made it with Subnautica and Dead Cells in the Top 3.
Factorio now needs your help to be number ONE.
It is a german site, so you may want to translate it with Google Translator or just hit the check mark on the right side of Factorio.
Deadline: 1.February 23:59 MEZ

REDDIT POST: ... game_2018/
GAMESTAR LINK: ... gorie,140/

PS: Some of you may wonder why Subnautica is on this list, because it was already released in Januaray 2018.
GameStar also mentioned this in a Live Video in their YouTube Channel, but they decided to let the game in the Top3.
Their reason were that the game had a lot of fans in their community and that the rules of community voting let everyone vote any game.

Happy Voting