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Better Demo

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 7:20 pm
by Commander Snake9
Devs I Suggest if you want people to actually give the game a chance you should give them a good demo to try out so they know what there getting into since the demo you are using feels only like 1% of the game so they don't get to experience the actual game.

When I played the demo it feels like a closed off path that you only have one objective that you have to do unlike the sandbox mode where you pick what science you unlock and it try out.

So I recommend that you should do something like minecraft where you can actually experience the full game but only for a hour so they get to know what the actually the game is all about and after that hour they can decide if they should buy the game a and continue or not get it.

And I come to send this message out to the devs and everyone to see this post for the hope that the devs let people try the legit game out and so my brother can try it out to for the hope that I might have some one to play with since i'm usually quite lonely because i have no friends that play the game