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Angel's PetroChem

Posted: Wed May 18, 2016 11:21 pm
by Arch666Angel
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Angels PetroChem

Changes and adds how Oil processing works. Aside from coal and oil wells, gas well are added to the game as raw carbon sources. Raw resources have to be processed and transformed though chemical processing chains to gain plastic, resin, rubber and fuels. Also adds the chemical basics for other mods to use: chlorine, nitrogen, sulfur and other chemical compounds are added. Includes alternative skin for the chemical plant matching the gfx style from petrochem.

Mod File: Licence: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Re: [MOD 0.12.x][Base] Angels PetroChem (ALPHA)

Posted: Thu May 26, 2016 11:55 pm
by Arch666Angel
Long Description

The main idea behind the mod is to extend the oil processing to be more complex and to have other processing chains you would have in real life, that includes the refining of natural gas and cracking and reforming of the different hydrocarbons. In addition to the carbon chemistry chain, there is also the nitrogen chemistry chain, sulfur chemistry chain and intermediate products.

Gas-Refinery, used to do the initial refining steps for natural gases.

Advanced Chemical Plant, is bigger than the regular chemical plant, has 3 input and 3 output pipes, therefore it is capable of handling more complex recipes.

Adapting some of GotLags FlowControl mod, check-valve, overflow-valve, non-return-valve, converter-valve (converts angels-fluids to other mods fluids of the same type):

Steam-Cracker, used to crack different hydrocarbons into lighter fragments.

Separator, separates the natural gas flow from the gas well into its different parts. Does the same thing for the multiphased oil from the oil wells.

Flare-Stack, burns excess gases off (void pump)

Fluid Splitter, can split fluids equally. 1 to 2 and 1 to 3 version

Oil Storage Tank

Gas Storage Tank


Re: Angel's PetroChem

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 11:42 am
by Arch666Angel

Re: Angel's PetroChem

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 11:44 am
by Arch666Angel
Player Creations

Plastic and lubricant from coal cracking factory