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Missing basic lab to make py Electrolyzer.

Posted: Mon Dec 06, 2021 11:48 am
by pete1969
Running a lot of mods but I'm a year in and have come up against a problem.
I have to build a PY electrolyzer to make a niobium plate. I cannot because the basic lab is missing from the build list, It is in the recipe list but greyed out.
I have searched everywhere but I'm stuck at a point where I cannot get any further. I'm running lots of mods and need help to advance!

I had some help with adding a zip that eliminated Angels lab and inserted the "modified" lab pac but it did not work.
In a nutshell.
I need niobium to advance but I cannot make the electrolyzer due to the basic lab being "greyed" out

I'm not particularly good at inserting and removing files deep in the system!
Mods are
Always Day
Angel Add on
Angel Storage
Angel Bioproduction
Angel Industries
Angel Infinite Ore
Angel Petrochem
Angel Refinery
Angel Smelting
Armor Grid
Armor MK4
Base Mod
Big Data string
Big storage
Bob adjustable inserter
Bob assembly
Bob Electronic
Bob function
Bob Greenhouse
Bob Logistic
BobMetal Chemical
Bob Mining
Bob ore
Bob Personal
Bob power
Bob revamp
Bob Tech
bullet train
factorio library, standard, HD base, HD military, mod pac production
Factorssmo 2
far reach
Mad clown process
Mining drones
Mod mash splinter
Mod Mash Ore
Mod mash recycling
Mod mash Refinement
Mod mash regentech
Mod mash resources and inter
Mod mash valkyries
Nice try train
Py coal
py industry
py raw ore
py raw ore graphic
Rampant arsenal
reverse factory
robot attrition
robot battery
shield protect
space Extention mod
squeak through
tree collision
unlimited resources
updated construtuion drones
void works
water well
weapon pac.