[Oxyd] [0.18.0] Crash: "attackTarget->getSubstitute() == attackTarget was not true"

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[Oxyd] [0.18.0] Crash: "attackTarget->getSubstitute() == attackTarget was not true"

Post by bshfxb »

Hi all, I was driving about in the basic car, shooting at a swarm of biters, when I experienced a game crash. Upon reading the log file, I believe it has something to do with the targeting system:

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5932.346 Error Commander.cpp:432: attackTarget->getSubstitute() == attackTarget was not true
I reloaded the latest autosaave and finished clearing out the enemy base, but was unable to reproduce the bug. I have provided the log file and most recent autosave before the crash occurred. Please note that the save file in question was first started in 0.16 or so, laid dormant for a while, and was converted to 0.17.79 recently.

Please let me know if you require any further information.
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Re: [Oxyd] [0.18.0] Crash: "attackTarget->getSubstitute() == attackTarget was not true"

Post by Oxyd »

Thanks, should be fixed in 0.18.2.

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