[Rseding91] [1.1.57] Syncronize mods with save fails silently with slow internet connection

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[Rseding91] [1.1.57] Syncronize mods with save fails silently with slow internet connection

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I'm not sure if this is intended behaviour, or me missing something. However, it caused quite a bit of confusion for me to realize what's going on, so I hope that it can be improved if possible. Might help other people who has bad internet, like me, to have less head-scratch moments in the future.
What happens
The game silently restarts when synchronizing mods with save when the operation fails due to a slow internet connection. After the restart the listed mods looks unchanged, even though the syncing seems to download a few mods.

I've reinstalled Factorio, and trying to download all the required mods for my SE playthrough by simply syncing mods with my save-file. Unfortunately, my internet is really slow and sporadic, and this causes issues. It seems to start the download (e.g. until 5 out of 36), but then times-out and Factorio restarts without any warning. If the `Start Save after Sync` is enabled the save will load, even if synching failed. (Orbital bases look funny with grass tiles :P) If not "load after sync", then it will boot into the main menu without any warning or error message. I couldn't figure out what was going on.
What I expect
If the download fails due to slow internet then it should ideally place you back at the "Load Save" screen with an appropriate error message. Or if that's not possible due to the unknown state of downloaded mods, at least give an error on startup, and especially not quitely load the save without the correct mods. That can easily lead to corrupted saves.
Attached is the previous and current log after a "sync mods with save" failed due to really bad internet. I think the important part is:

Code: Select all

 117.539 Error ParallelModsDownloadGui.cpp:110: Download mod failed: Download failed: Operation too slow. Less than 1 bytes/sec transferred the last 20 seconds
 117.546 Info AppManager.cpp:1405: Restarting Factorio
 117.573 Quitting: user-quit.
I'm not bothering adding my save file, because I doubt that's the issue. But if it's really required I can add it.
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(5.68 KiB) Downloaded 22 times

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Re: [Rseding91] [1.1.57] Syncronize mods with save fails silently with slow internet connection

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Thanks for the report. This is actually fixed as a side effect of some other changes I was doing in this GUI recently.
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