[1.0.0] Griffer cancels filters in wagons and tanks.

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[1.0.0] Griffer cancels filters in wagons and tanks.

Post by terradus »

Griffer cancels filters in wagons and tanks.

Please help!


1) How to find out exactly who canceled the filter(in next time)?
Variable "last user" not helping (may be because im driving my tank at this moment when griffer canceled filters)!

2) How i can prevent (for example, at the server settings level) deleting a filter in a cell of inventory (wagons, tanks and cars)?

3) Can you develop a function for save filters (to local file on my computer) and load filters (from file on my local computer) - or developing after release is not posible?

4) Fow possible block stealing fuel and bullets (in the moment when im driver for example) ?

example of canceled filters:

I gaming on server "Comfy Mnt fortres" (it was 61 peoles - was a lot of people near my tank)
on this server you can build inside tank. Tank have private. So and you have output chest and input chest, and for correct working need filters!
I have a lot of problems if this filter was canceled, i asked in chat - "please don't cancel my filters in my tank" but this is not helping and admins of this server don't know how posible find this griffer.

Please give me any techical information for fix this problem by server admins. Also i can bring this information to developers of "Comfy Mnt fortres" scenario.
may be you know something technical solution (in code for example, variables, or lua scripts, or any mod with this functionality) - i realy want help fix this problem on server (any way - let me know).
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Re: [1.0.0] Griffer cancels filters in wagons and tanks.

Post by mergele »

There is apparently a permissions system in game.
See https://www.reddit.com/r/factorio/comme ... system_in/ and/or https://youtu.be/ZOgS4TI6AdM There seem to be quite a lot of options there so I'd assume something in there would apply though I am not sure.

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