Do not understand rail setup

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Re: Do not understand rail setup

Post by netmand »

This seems to be more of a rant that a willing to learn. A shame really. I thought the tutorial was quite good myself.
The irony that this very post is a rant is not lost on me. But I hope the OP got the same satisfaction as I am in sharing their feelings with us.

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Re: Do not understand rail setup

Post by Hannu »

Garebear wrote:
Thu Jul 23, 2020 2:39 pm
I can only say at this point if you step back as a new player again and read this you'll understand why trains are truly awful in their design compared to the rest of the game.
Block control system is the most simple way to build complex rail system with multiple stops, schedules and trains. It has very straightforward logic, it is proven to be flawless (versions of block control was decades main control in real railroads) and it do not need engineer's education to learn. In my opinion this kind of puzzles was the reasons why I felt love with Factorio.

I understand that it may be difficult for people without engineering and scientific background (or model railway hobby), but there is so few games which can give such challenges.
This is my first playthrough and I burned down literally everything(including oil processing) up to artillery and simple two way trains on their own track, and bots, and have artillery trains with bot restocking from my main bus, but trains require a CompTIA cert(luckily most Factorio fans have this).
So, you had used tens of hours so far. If you use one or two hours with pen and paper to learn basics of block system instead of whining how difficult it is, it can give back hundreds of hours entertainment with complex railway systems, nice feeling and boosted self confidence from learning new thing and maybe some benefits in real life too.

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Re: Do not understand rail setup

Post by mergele »

I am at this point thinking a problem with trains (or more specifically the explaining of them) is that there are about 80 different approaches to explain them. Most of them produce correct results for their scope, but it all just ends up colliding with each other and overwhelming new players. I for one know back when I was trying to learn that stuff and the wiki suddently went on about powered rails and train axles closing circuits I blanked out and also marked the stuff I had thought I learned so far as wrong and incomplete.

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