Multiplayer Point System / Team Production

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Multiplayer Point System / Team Production

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I was playing some Factorio with a friend last night. We stumbled across the Team Production Scenario.
That was a hell lot of fun :) the only thing we could not get our head around was how the point system would work.

One time my friend got 200 points at ones the next few rounds we got around 10-20 points depending who would of won.
So some of the questions that are in my head now are:
1. How does the point work in general?
2. Would that scale as well depending on how many are on team? For example if there is a 2v1.
3. What is reaming and current on the top left? Is reaming how many things u need to add to the chest and current the amount you have in your system?

Some suggestion that would make it even better:
1. Add some parameters to choose from. Adding resources earlier to the chests gives you more points. Maybe even add total or resources that need to be collected. So you would need to spy on your opponent. If he adds the resources early you would not be able to anymore and he gets the points for that
2. Maybe adding some kind of handycap for veterans. If i want to play with some friends that dont know the game it would be nice if they have a better chance.

Sry for my bad english ^^
Hope this is somewhat understandble.

Best regards,

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