Nuke ore calculations

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Nuke ore calculations

Post by jonhconstantine11 »

I love the 0.15 nuke system. As I was trying my first nuke plant, It took me quite a long time to get the Kovarex enrichement. (I was quite lame with science packs...)

During the time it took me to get it, I gather a huge stockpile of U238, and a very large Ore reserve.

I try to figure how many Ore we need for each Nuclear Fuel cell.

Without kovarex process, it's easy :
- 10000 Ore gives 7 U235 and 993 U238.
- After burning, I got 70 cells of energy and 902 U238 left (9 stacks - nearly one chest row).
- For 1 cell need 143 ore and get 13 U238 left over.

With kovarex process, it's a bit harder.
- Not considering stocks, I can get 1 U235 from 3 U238.
- When I recycle 5 empty cells, I get 3 U238
-> So basically for each 10 cells I get 1 U235 and 3 U238 (combining recycle en reprocessing)
- and I recreate 10 cells with the new U235 I got.
- I continue until my U238 stock is depleted.

A quick copy/past on a dirty excel sheet gives me 56 reprocessing for a total or 630 Nuke cells starting from 10000 ores (considering average)
-> So on average 1 cell, need less than 16 ore and produces no waste

Reprocessing has 2 advantages
- It gives 9 time more fuel cells from any given ore stockpile
- It doesn't stockpile U238 as waste which rapidly.

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Re: Nuke ore calculations

Post by Koub »

You're comparing (no modules/beacons) : ... -cycle:r:1
142.9 ore per cycle without enrichment
and ... -cycle:r:1
15.8 ore per cycle with enrichment

Indeed around 9 times more efficient

With beaconing+moduling (prod+speed lvl 3) : ... -cycle:r:1
85 ore per cycle without enrichment
and ... :null:null
7.7 ore per cycle with enrichment

11 times more efficient
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