Map Editor 0.17.10 - How to add items to buildings

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Map Editor 0.17.10 - How to add items to buildings

Post by unchainedlight » Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:35 pm

I am posting a new thread because I do not know if 0.17 counts as 'vanilla' for the purposes of the simple question simple answer conversation.

Want to start by saying i LOVE the new editor and am looking forward to getting deep into it.

In the old editor you could hold items in hand (fuel, speed modules, etc.) and then place those items into structures (coal into boiler, speed module into electric mining drill). How can this be accomplished in the new editor?

Basically take the actions that you normally would during game play:
1) In the Editor Tools interface (top-left), select NONE category
2) Press 'E' to open the main inventory
3) Left-click any item to add to inventory (or shift-left-click for a full stack, or right-click for 5 items)
4) Click on desired structure to open that structure's menu
5) Left-click item to hold in hand, then left-click to place into structure inventory (or shift-left-click stack to auto-fill structure inventory)

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