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.17 How to hide the map in your custom scenario

Posted: Sun Mar 03, 2019 11:52 pm
by Omarflyjoemacky
Hello All

In .16, you could create a scenario (edit a map, add resources and start points, etc), then load the scenario and the map for the player would be hidden. Like a new game.

In .17, all the work did on the map is fully shown, so no surprises for the player.

Rseding91 said there was a lua command to hide the map, but the only one I've found actually resets all the chunks. See below.

/c local surface = game.player.surface; game.player.force.cancel_charting(surface); local chunk_radius = 32; for chunk in surface.get_chunks() do if (chunk.x < -chunk_radius or chunk.x > chunk_radius or chunk.y < -chunk_radius or chunk.y > chunk_radius) then surface.delete_chunk(chunk) end end

Anyone have any advice on this? Originally reported as a bug, as I verified .16 works fine but .17 doesn't "hide the map" like .16 did. :|