Main bus ratios for rocket launching?

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Main bus ratios for rocket launching?

Post by sparr »

total for 100 rocket parts and 1 satellite:

steel plate 11500
copper plate 20900
iron plate 750
plastic bar 19900
rocket fuel 1050
electronic circuit 42925
sulfuric acid 15500

Assuming I'm doing nothing but launching rockets, this suggests my main bus might have the following belts:

1x steel plate
2x copper plate
2x plastic bar
4x electronic circuit
2x sulfuric acid (whatever the equivalent number of pipes is)
with bots or half a belt for iron plate and rocket fuel

Does this sound right?

I frequently see people using 4 iron 4 copper 4 circuits. For launching rockets, that seems like twice as much copper and 10x+ as much iron as is needed. Is all of that excess going into base expansion?

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Re: Main bus ratios for rocket launching?

Post by Mehve »

How fast are you intending to build? A blue belt will move ~2400 items/minute, after all. The 4/4/4 belt arrangement is more of a general base building convention than anything else, since the actual values aren't necessarily going to equal each other.

At the very least, you shouldn't need more than a single pipe for sulphuric acid. Especially if you set up the battery plants right next to the sulphur production.

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