What is wrong with this setup?

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Re: What is wrong with this setup?

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siggboy wrote:Yes, it's a layout that works. I don't understand why you keep posting it, but thanks.
I only wanted to give a helping hand like I got in the past
- anyhow - as that's not appreciated I shall stay away form further postings

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Re: What is wrong with this setup?

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I tried another belt balancer from here https://www.reddit.com/r/factorio/comme ... balancers/
Used the one that has 3 inputs and 2 outputs so I could have a double blue belt.
Still had some issues with it so as a last resort I used a smart unloader. It sometimes has a lower throughput but I have even unloading :D

There is a difference in the lane balancer I use and the one proposed
Frightning wrote: ... there is a much simpler way to make your lane balancer than what you have, just put a single splitter down as you have at the start, and then take each output and side-load them onto the desired output belt ...
Mine will use the input evenly in case the output is using it unevenly. The proposed balancer has an issue in my opinion; if the output is used uneven and in a slow rate, the input will become unbalanced.

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Re: What is wrong with this setup?

Post by Killkrog »

There is just no way to directly merge 3 belts into 1 belt so that all 3 input lines are used equally. That is because we only have splitters that split 1 line into 2 lines. That means every belt setup that wont convert from a power of 2 to another power of 2 will have the problems that you have right now.

That also explains why you get the 1 to 1.666 ratios (877 to 1500).

What you can do in your first example is to first use a 3-to-3 belt balancer and then have that put into a 3-to-1 belt balancer.
The output lines of the 3-to-3 belt balancer will still be utilizes unequally, but the input lines will be.
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