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Using Combinators to find Pectentages

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2023 1:32 pm
by Melodi-of-Crystals
So I'm fairly new to factorio, though not to logic systems in general, and I feel like I'm ether missing something, or that the arithmetic calculators aren't working the way I understand them to.

I'm attempting to find out what percentage of my construction bots are currently deployed.

My variables are, A) Number of construction bots total, B) Number available

My calculators have been set up as follows.

A / B Output C (should be percent of total bots available, comes out zero)
Test, 3800/4500= 84.(change)

I've tried a few variations of this and made no progress, so hopefully someone knows why I can't use calculators like this, or maybe how to make it work.


Found out that just multiplying A by 100 works. Wasn't really accounting for the fact that the percentage comes out as a decimal.