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switch modules from dead last to be first

Posted: Sun May 29, 2022 1:00 am
by napouser
ok so the way i understanding it factorio has 3 distinct construction queues
1 for stuff
2 for landfill stone concrete refined hazardus
3 for deconttruction
sort of 4 for modules

assuming u got stuff and bots 1 will go first
if u have available bots but not stuff it will start doing pave4ment
when its done with stuff and pavement it will apply modules
deconstruction probably goes the same priority as stuff

so if u dont have bots or materials for something it will produce a warniong that lasts for 10 secs
1 assigment per tick
60 assigments per sec
600 warnings per 10 secs
1803 maximum amount of warnings that u can have in 1 game

am i understanding this correctly?

and if so why modules are dead last?

i mean i undestand u cant put them 1st since they need factories first to be placed in but dead lkast?
i had 1 hour worth of assigments with bots applying stupid concrete instead of modules
thats just stupid isnt?

Re: switch modules from dead last to be first

Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2022 5:52 am
by napouser
i just added some blueprints and it took 1:30 hours after the construction finished for the modules to be added
basically the game had to go through the while assigment queue wich was like quarter of a million pavement (2nd priority) in order to reach the modules

i understand that modules cannot be overrided and be placed in the normal queue due to inability since they need the factory to be put in to be placed first (although technically this is entirelhy possible like bots that are waiting for other bots to deconstruct something )

but waiting 2 hours on a finished unit is just insane

maybe add a console command ?? override set current assigment in the queue manually set by the player?
so lets say there are 200000 assignments and its currently on 55678
/show queue size
/show current proccessed assignment
/set current assignment

that would allow some insane mods to show queues visually with colors or icons or something