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Automatic building and protecting from deconstruction

Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2021 9:36 pm
by Tertius
I'm currently tinkering and creating blueprints for more automation of building and extending my base.

If it comes to the railway, I want to create blueprints that include roboports along the track, so a swarm of construction robots is able to follow my blueprinting and build the track without me and my personal roboport being present.

However, the task of removing the roboports after the work is done seems tedious. I can of course use a properly filtered deconstruction planner and use this in map mode to span the whole map, but all of my factories and all outposts include roboports I don't want to destroy. Is it possible to somehow prevent these from being marked for destruction, but those that are built along the tracks not? Currently, I can only deconstruct small pieces of the map and exclude every outpost where I don't want to remove its roboports.

On the other hand, this seems useless anyway, because the roboports will not be deconstructed in reverse order they were created, so there will be many lonely disconnected roboports left in the field.

Does any best practice exist with this kind of building and deconstructing? Without mods?

Currently, I'm doing it this way: With my personal roboport, I mount my service train filled with railway stuff and with an inventory full of construction robots, tracks, signals and so on and direct the train to drive to the location I want to extend the railway. Then I switch the train to manual mode and start laying my blueprints in map mode (to have more reach without actually getting there). After that, I drive the train through the ghosts and the robots swarm out and begin to clear the wood and construct the tracks, so I can drive further and construct further. If my inventory is empty, I refill from the train.

This is a bit tedious - I'd like the actual building of the ghosts take place without me being present.

For mining outposts, this auto-building is working quite good. I made a circuit-controlled service train unloading station with a roboport that will automagically build the whole outpost as long as I build the actual unloading station with the roboport first with the help of of my personal roboport.

But I did not find a solution for the tracks out in the field.

How did you solve this challenge?

Re: Automatic building and protecting from deconstruction

Posted: Tue Oct 12, 2021 3:28 am
by astroshak
Honestly, I just do it the slow and personal way. I load my Power Armor Mk.II up with a couple ports, a couple fusion reactors, and a lot of exoskeletons. Load my inventory with the Rails, signals, large power poles that my Rail BP’s are made from, and run out letting the bots build it.

The alternative is to load up a few Spidertrons and sending them out to build the track (and to then come back with the junk). Takes manual control (via the remote) but at least you can do something else while that’s going on.