Hot beverage recipe takedown?

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Hot beverage recipe takedown?

Post by golfmiketango »

Hey, just stumbled onto Xterminator's reddit weekly summary ( where he in turns stumbles onto this deviantart coffee mug. The author of the mug design seems to believe that Wube requested some sort of copyright takedown against his creation.

That really doesn't sound like the Wube software I am familiar with, plus, as Xterminator points out in his video, that's crazy-talk. If this is legit, and you guys have gone full "IP troll", then, wow, bummer (nb: IANAL, not even in my home country, much less Canada (where the guy who made this lives) or the Czech Republic, but I'm pretty sure it's not defensible on IP legality grounds).

But, since I doubt it, I'm sure this guy would appreciate it if someone got in touch with him via deviantart, or sent a thanks-but-please-don't-take-that-one-down request to the deviantart IP enforcement robot overseers, or both. Figured I'd bring it to your attention, here, to that end.

Thanks in advance -- for the record, I never took seriously the idea that you would do this, purposefully. Presumably you took your power-armor off without considering that your takedown bots would spill out of inventory or something.

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Re: Hot beverage recipe takedown?

Post by jitarihu »

Hey, thank you for the post. Lendmine752 has already reached to me, and I have answered to him what action has been taken and why, and feel I should explain it here to you too.

I have indeed asked a couple of online stores (as Redbubble for example) to remove some of the Factorio merchandise products for sale. But the merch stores went a bit too far and took down much more items that I asked them to do. I have asked them to remove just product directly linked with Factorio - the ones which contained Factorio logo to be more specific. And this is what happened to those mugs. I have never initiated anything against products like this, and to be frank - I love them and wouldn't mind having one of them myself.

Here is what I answered to Lendmine752:
Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this topic.

My name is Jitka, and I am the one who has asked the RedBubble store to remove all the products which contained Factorio logo.

First, let me express my gratitude for your passion for Factorio. We know the game wouldn't be where it is without people like you.

I understand what you are saying regarding having a broader variant of Factorio merchandise. I know the community is asking for it and trust me; we are working on it. But unfortunately, merchandise is doesn't have a number one priority for us at this moment, 1.0 has.

We are planning to produce other Factorio merchandise, but after a long debate we had within our team, we have decided to do it ourselves - at least for now. One of the reasons to support this decision is that this way, we can have control over the quality of the products.

We do not mind if someone is making Factorio themed cups or t-shirts for himself and his loved ones, as long as it is not meant for sale. When someone asks us for graphics as they want to create a personalised gift for a friend etc. we never said no, as far as I am aware.

I am open to hearing any proposals you might have regarding this topic.

Kind regards,


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