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Re: The Automated Factory song (thanks to Gilbert & Sullivan)

Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:53 am
by foodfactorio
hi all, i hope am not too late to this party :)
(i tried to do in a similar style as the first posting)

I've played the game factorio, in all of its Vanillary,
have pycoals mods, and yu-oh-ki, and mods including jewelery,
i loved Arumba's Angel-Bobs, and petrochems refineries,
but got stuck using trains with circuit logic, what tomfoolery :) (joke)

the devs are very active, and as well the mod community,
they all do make cool recipies, even ones with complexity,
all i can do is suggest thoughts, and lyrics with a twist,
for katheryn and all to enjoy, even Church Organist :D

hee hee thats all i can think of for now :)