Factorio Factions

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Factorio Factions

Postby landmine752 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:45 am

Hi everyone, I figured I would share this on the official forums as well as on the subreddit because this is to be the followup to the "Bots > Belts" shirt that Sinflux created a couple months ago. Pick your side and decide which equipment you will fight for!

(Click for source)

Join the Bot Uprising and the Swarm, obeying the central "Network". Or side with the Belt Rebellion and the ever growing mess of chaos that slowly engulfs each world. How about betraying anything and everything for the Train Crusaders' pursuit of the "Perfect Railway".
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Re: Factorio Factions

Postby The Eriksonn » Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:47 pm

Trains are the best!

(even more so with combinators 8-) )
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Re: Factorio Factions

Postby olafthecat » Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:59 pm

Belts are better!
EDIT: I'm gonna set this as my background :P
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Re: Factorio Factions

Postby Heavylaus » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:19 am

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