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Flamethrowers dmg ; different oil bonuses

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2021 10:08 am
by gGeorg
Current v1.21 Flamethrowers are a bit OP.
issue: flamethrowers have the longest range and the biggest dmg.
solution:Transform it to a support weapon which is best at slowing down oponents and secondary role is dmg hordes.
Contact damage: 3 fire
Fire on the ground: 13/s fire
Ignited objects: 100/s fire
Objects are ignited for 30 seconds.
As result : 30x100+2+13 = 3015HP per hit. Even without any upgrade it kills any biter by one hit. In case defence towers overlap, then destruction is even quicker.
fix: rise up fire on the ground, so value against hordes is similar but lower the ignited object burns slower.
Contact damage: 3 fire
Fire on the ground: 40/s fire
Ignited objects: 50/s fire

Idea of different oil with added effect is great but simple dmg bonus is dul.
Current: Crude default , Heavy oil +5% dmg, Light oil +10% dmg
Proposed: Crude default , Heavy oil +20% slow down movement speed, Light oil +10% dmg

The Heavy oil is rare oil, so it make sense grant it best bonus. It also creates an urge to use Coal Liquification, which is used rarely.
Heavy oil is sticky so it makes sense it adds slow down.
Land mines are used very rarely, of the reasons is they burn. Make it 100% resistant to fire at least when they are digged in. Will help to use them more.

Conclusion: Idea is promote usage of other oils, promote coal Liquification and shift flamethrower from main dmg. dealer to supporting slow down device. Also mines are great for slowin down oponents so allow them live in fire.Testing for ideal numbers needed.