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Re: Defence economy balance

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blazespinnaker wrote:
Tue Jan 19, 2021 5:58 pm
Flame turrets are good, but they have to be backed by something. The nice thing about landmines, is they don't need to be backed by anything. Also, you can tactically deploy land mines with minimal resource commitment until you can tech up to artillery.
Landmines are probably yet better than flame turrets, but lets check flameturrets.

The thing I see in DW, if you get to flame turrets, you instantly have a tool to melt down all kinds of biters and with every group size. 90 aoe damage/sec. in 2.5 radius, +100/s per fire sticker + 13/s per fire on the ground. Additionally, that huge range + biters have no resistance to fire.

Lets assume, you are at evolution 25-30% until you reach flame turrets. Before you had big problems with huge waves of small, medium biters and spitters. 6 or 8 turrets firing a lot of iron to get them down and leave some destroyed walls and most likely also fallen turrets destroyed by spitters.
As soon you get the flame turrets, all those problems are more or less gone. because such a huge wave is melted down in no time, when the fire hits.
Of course, the initial cost is expensive, you need a wall in front, you need piping, some turrets to back up and the fire stream has a latency. But you hardly need any oil compared to the iron for ammo you used before. This tool makes you more or less invincible. The rest is just work

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