Spidertrons need to be damaged by explosions

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Re: Spidertrons need to be damaged by explosions

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AmericanPatriot wrote:
Sun Oct 25, 2020 7:59 pm
Have you considered a tileable expanding wall blueprint? You just place wall/artillery modules one after another to expand and can remove it when you are done.
I have tried it. It works, but spidertron is more interesting way to do it. When I am at that phase in my game that I conquer my main area, I have to have most of it cleared before I can begin to build endgame factories. I like to have them all around my area like naturally developed cities in country instead of logistically most efficient but unnatural looking positions near each other. Therefore I do not benefit much from option to make conquering at background (except of course I can let game run at background and make other things with computer)

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