Chemical science pack suggestion

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Chemical science pack suggestion

Post by Paulusss » Sat Aug 03, 2019 11:06 am

Good day to you all

Since 0.17 something has been bugging me a little bit, i think the recipe for the chemical science pack (blue science) is too demanding on advanced circuits (red chips).
Now that we have some changes to the way we use oil i think it would be a way better fit if the cost is not reduced but a little different.

The cost now is.
1 sulfur
3 advanced circuits
2 engine units

A little change would in my opinion make chemical science pack easier to produce.

2 sulfur
2 advanced circuits
2 engine units

Since we are talking about entry level difficulty for new players, advanced circuits are quite difficult to make, and you need quite alot of it right of the bat. Why not spread it abit more?
Sulfur is ment to be made in bulk and is easier to make, the change to sulfur does not really impact the production, but it does to advanced circuits quite allot.

What are your thoughts?

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