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Adjusting Rocket Launch Times for easier SPM calculations

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 10:53 pm
by Treviisolion
This is my first post, and I did try to see if anyone else had made anything suggesting anything like this, but I did not find anything like it. Right now, there is now way to get any nice whole fractions of science produced to rocket silos. As such, any calculations of how much any rocket silo will produce using productivity modules and speed modules as well as beacons result in many ugly decimals. After much work I did come across three values that could be easily changed to make it possible (in theory) to achieve a perfect 1000 science per minute per rocket silo, using 20 beacons full of Speed Module 3's, and full Productivity Module 3's in the Rocket Silo. These changes are first to reduce the rocket animation sequence (which while ongoing prevents the creation of the next rocket) from 2475 ticks to 2400 ticks (if not the animation, at least the prevention of the creation of the next rocket to 2400 ticks). Second, increase the amount of Productivity Modules the Rocket Silo can have to 5, but increase the speed reduction of a Productivity Module to 20% up from 15%. I created a spreadsheet that lets you modify various values and see what the effects are on a number of configurations, as well as the resulting values in Science per Second, Science per Minute, Smallest Whole Number Ratio of Science produced per second or minute per Rocket Silo. Especially those of you who build Megabases and like working with whole integers, would you mind these changes and could you see any potential problems (other than having to recreate most designs, which is already going to happen with the Conveyer Belt transportation capacity increase). Link to excel sheet in Google Docs form here. ... sp=sharing