better balancing for Rocket fuel (or else parts)?

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better balancing for Rocket fuel (or else parts)?

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recently, i am thinking that if Rocket fuel should be slightly rebalanced.

in a nutshell,i would wish Rocket fuel to change a better stack size like 50 (so do the rocket control unit and low density structure would be better) and its energy into like 237.5MJ (95% efficiency from 10 Solid fuels). i don't really know why their stack is 10 instead of higher.

you know that you can use the Rocket fuel in burner devices if you don't get to use them into rockets; it could be really useful. in the current version (0.16.51), if you are holding a stack of 10 Rocket fuel, then you are holding a equivalent of 90 solid fuels.

for the people who are generating electricity using fuels from crude oil, especially late stage or you are continuing to play after the first rocket is launched, you might experience that the supply of them are often more than what you might need (with the increasing mining productivity, it could be even more). however it would not be the same if you are planning to expand your base, and you might suffer from shortage of so, if you don't rely on nuclear power, unless you have enough solid fuel or other fuels stored.

what i exactly feel is the physical compression rate. i don't even know why Rocket fuel would occupy higher density per slot, often so do the rest of 2 (though they are not useful for else). especially when you are wanting to upgrade that further into the Nuclear fuel (which is not stackable and lower total energy per stack in comparison to its prototype). raising the stack size would not be really exploitable (like logistic robot transferring, little buffs), in my experience playing a map.

for why i am thinking of buffing its energy, is to compensate the power needed to all the previous production steps before a Rocket fuel is made.

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