Poison Capsules Should Produce Pollution

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Poison Capsules Should Produce Pollution

Postby TheKingOfFailure » Sun Dec 17, 2017 3:17 am

I was playing around with poison capsules and realized that they can be used for insanely fast, cheap and simple tree removal. 1 Capsule clears a 20 tile diameter hole in a forest in under 30 seconds, with no negative effects. I believe that this is quite unbalanced, as the two more common ways to clear trees require either mid-late game bots or a flamethrower that uses tons of oil, is uncontrollable, leaves behind some random trees, damages the player and releases TONS of pollution (albeit fun).

I say the capsules should make a lot of pollution, since they are POISONESS after all. If a big biter will die while exposed to the stuff, it should do something to the environment as well. This will incentivise not just spamming hundreds of capsules on every enemy base and make their use for tree clearing less ideal. I also think that if you want players not to use the capsules and instead burn down the trees, the capsules could only take the trees down to a low health, not killing them, so the player still has to come around after and finish them off with a violent sneeze.

Great game as always! Thanks for bothering to take your fans opinions on Factorio's development. It will take the game from excellent to incrediblerific!
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Re: Poison Capsules Should Produce Pollution

Postby bobucles » Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:37 pm

Grenades clear out forests pretty fast.
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